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Tiggo coupe concept SUV represents Chery's forward-looking vision in brand,design and technology, interpreting Chery's ideal for the future Tiggo SUV.

Tiggo coupe concept SUV

The Tiggo coupe concept SUV with the forward-looking vision has fully interpreted the "FUN TO DRIVE" brand image, conveying a youthful, fashionable, sporty and innovative atmosphere,and reflecting Chery's deep insight into young consumers.


At the 2016 Beijing auto show, the biggest highlight of Chery's exhibition booth is undoubtedly the "FV2030" concept car (Future Vision 2030).

Future Vision 2030
"Fun to Drive, Enjoy Future with Chery"

Its smooth body curves, huge plug-in hub, supercool gullwing door, fantasy 3D holographic screen and smart pilotless technology show the perfect integration of three future technologies: intelligence, Internet and new energy as well as Chery's bold exploration of future automobile technologies and the industrial development trends.



TX Concept

Concept TX, inspired by the Nature, shows a "natural force". The spirit from water and the "natural force" inspired by the natural
tension constitutes the most impacting design language of cars and radiate with endless charm.

Besides the advanced design conception, Chery TX also considers many engineering factors during design, e.g. body waist
lines and shape design. Novel and unique, it can better meet stamping conditions.


The new energy concept car, Ant, adopts bionic design of ant in shaping to reflect spiritual and grouping nature. The body structure introduces carbon fiber material. Curb weight of the light body is only 450kg. Even the EV with battery weighs only 600kg. The concept car of Chery provides a brand new energy and mobile solution to the world, and reflects the insight of Chery about future human living style and development trend of auto technology.