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Tiger-crouching front face

The 2 chrome modelings which extend through the car front perfectly connects the starry-sky grille with the combined headlamps, improving not only the three-dimensional impression of the front face but the visual stability of car.Newly-designed tiger-crouching front face.

LED and halogen automatic headlamp

The high-tech design and unique headlamp modeling will make people remember it all the time.Like eyes of human, the headlamp will become the window of the car’s soul when switched on.

Dynamic streamline body

The three main body lines outline the contour of the body, creating a visual impression of power and prudence.

Electric folding rearview mirror

Electric adjustment: convenient for you to adjust to the best field of view. Electric heating: keeping the mirror dry at all times. Electric folding + auto folding upon car locking: avoiding scratches.

18-inch wheel hub

Large-size wheel enhances the driving stability.The wheel hub is designed in a chaeacteristic and artistic way,highliting the dignity of the car owner.

Traverse-type LED sooting tail lamp

The design of tail lamp is inspired from one of the quintessence of Chinese culture-the wooden pane in ancient architecture meaning auspiciousness,happy life and successful career.



892L-1930L trunk capacity

The trunk can accommodate large strollers and large suitcases to meet the needs for travelling.

Sliding center armrest

The front centre armrest supports forward sliding to provide comfortable arm support for the driver and front passenger. The armrest box is designed with a large opening angle, making the object accessing more convenient.

Ergonomic seats

The driver seat is electrically 6-way adjustable, and the front seats have two-stage heating function.The ergonomic H-type seat design reduces driving fatigue.

Panoramic sunroof with anti-pinch function

The area is 0.92m2 and an openable width of 421mm, enabling you to enjoy the blue sky and white cloud.



1.5 / 2.0TCI high-efficiency engine

Tiggo8 is equipped with Honeywell turbocharger and BergWarner DVVT. 1.5T:Maximum power of 108KW, and maximum torque of 210/1750-4500rpm 2.0T:Maximum power of 125KW, and maximum torque of 250N.m

High efficiency transmission

Maximum input torque is 250N.m, supporting SPORT and ECO modes. More direct power output, higher transmission efficiency, and faster shift response.

T1X modular platform

The T1X platform has larger front and rear head room, ground clearance, approach angle and departure angle, all of which ensure a better off-road performance.

Front MacPherson + rear multi-link suspension

It enables precise steering, good tracking and high reliability.



High-strength body

Key parts including A-pillar and B-pillar are made of ultrahigh-strength steel, with an application ratio up to 8%. The torsional stiffness of body is up to 21000Nm/°. It can effectively improve the impact resistance in case of frontal collision and lateral collision to well protect the personal safety of occupants.

Bosch ten-in-one ESP9.3

It can effectively protect the safety in driving, and thus enables the driver to enjoy the dynamic driving pleasure without worry.

6 airbags

It works in conjunction with the seat belt to provide effective collision protection for the occupants. Airbags can reduce head injury rate by 25% and the face injury rate by 80% in the event of a collision.


The more advanced electronic control technology is used to replace the traditional mechanical hand brake, avoiding unexpected accident when you forget to pull the hand brake or forget to release the hand brake.



7-inch LCD instrument cluster

Functions including multimedia, communication, driving warning, driving information, warning information and etc. The 7-inch LCD instrument cluster screen has a high resolution,and can interact with the touch screen.

10.25-inch UHD touch screen

10.25-inch UHD floating LCD with a high resolution up to 1920x720.

8-inch LCD A/C touch screen

It is equipped with IML (in-mold labeling) process, capacitive touch screen, sound feedback and physical button. Dustproof, waterproof and corrosion resistant.

Inductive electric trunk door

The opening angle will be automatically memorized when the trunk button is pressed for 3S, meets different heights. Other methods to open the trunk door include: remote control opening and manual opening).


Note: The information given herein is for reference only. For specific configuration, please subject to the actual car. Chery reserves all the right for the final explanation.

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